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The Geological Museum is located in the main building of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas in a hall of 550 m2. The Museum's collections were enriched by virtue of acquisition of the samples at exhibitions, in museums, during expeditions and from private individuals in Bonn, Paris, Prague, Vienna, New York, Freiberg, Dresden, Strasburg, Philadelphia etc. Since the museum’s foundation (for more than 140 years) there have been collected many samples from all over the world. Museum’s activity is closely connected with the training process and facilitates the preparation of highly qualified specialists to the utmost. The structure of the museum consists of the departments that present systematic collections of:
  • mineralogy;
  • petrography;
  • mineralogy;
  • historical geology;
  • paleontology.
In the geological museum trainings for students, excursions for school children and pupils from lyceums of our town and the region, as well as excursions for guests and delegations from Ukraine and abroad are permanently conducted. Research studies are also conducted in the museum. All the sections of exposition are equipped with electronic catalogues. There is a published museum guide provided for the visitors. In 2007, the mineralogical collection of the geological museum has been highly rated by the state – it was granted the status of national patrimony.